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Those that remember the old ways of selling your car, with the expensive newspaper ads that you had to wait a week to get published, then were disappointed when the phone didn’t ring, will be surprised at how easy it has become. Here are some tips for selling a van online.

If You Want A Quick Sale For Your Van Write A Good Description

This is a point that is often overlooked, but many people that are reading your ad, are also reading the ads of used car salesmen, and your ad doesn’t compare. Take a little time to read through the ads on the internet and borrow a few of their key phrases and techniques. Don’t copy them exactly, but the general idea of how it’s done. Make sure you mention all the great qualities of your van, the seats, the cleanliness, nice wheels, good tires and awesome stereo as well. If you sound like you love your van, it will come through in your description.

selling your car

Take Twice As Many Good Photos As You Think You Need

Some online classified sites will limit the photos, or charge an extra fee for large amounts. But other sites will allow plenty, and you should take advantage of them, by submitting close ups of your tires, wheels, seats, dashboard, stereo, engine compartment, and any other parts you can imagine. The more you include in your ad, the faster your van will sell, and for a higher price too.

Avoid Thieves And Scammers

There will be people calling that want you to ship your car to the Middle East, or even across the country, these are always scams. There will also be people that can only meet you in some dark alleyway in selling my van online the bad part of town, just laugh them off, they don’t have the money anyway. Have them come to your home, or meet them in a busy, crowded location, and maybe bring a friend along to make sure you aren’t getting robbed. Don’t take checks from out of state banks, post dated, or certified because those are most likely stolen or forged. If some one wants to write a check, complete the transaction in their local bank where you can have the money in your hand in cash before you leave.

Selling a van online has never been easier, with the proliferation of the internet and hundreds of online classified sites. Just make sure you take advantage of all the have to offer, and play it safe when making the transfer of funds.

First Time Buyer Guide On Residential Buy-To-Let Property Investments

Buy-to-let is the term used for properties that are purchased specifically to let (rent) out. Landlords have seen the benefits of investing in a property with multiple tenants for a fixed period of time and since new laws have been passed, buy-to-lets have been a solid method of rental income.

Buy-to-let properties have long been a popular choice for many people looking for a home, but not committed to purchasing a house. The demand for residential properties to rent has grown since the 90’s and it is continuing to be a popular choice for investors in the UK and all across the world.

For investors, residential buy-to-let investments are a strong and stable property investment strategy. The main appeal of residential buy-to-let property investments is the stable income from tenant rent along with the growth of capital if house prices go up over the years. The rising house prices in the UK is a big advantage for investors purchasing properties in the country.

Can First Time Buyers Make Returns On Residential Buy-To-Lets?

Yes! First time buyers are able to make substantial returns on a buy-to-let investment. With the current property market you may be wondering is buy-to-let still a good investment? The answer is yes, as long as it has been thoroughly researched.

If you are new in property investment, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure making you hesitant with purchasing a property but everyone has to start somewhere. With the right guidance and information, you can work through the process to make sure the rewards outweigh the risks.

One of the potential hurdles when it comes to first time investors is that you may be limited with buy-to-let mortgage options. For buy-to-let properties, there is a specific mortgage you need to obtain that is slightly different to a regular house mortgage.

If you are a first time buy-to-let landlord, a lot of mortgage lenders need you to own your own residential property for at least six months before they can offer you a buy-to-let mortgage. Other lenders will only require you to own a property, but you don’t necessarily need to own a house.

For complete first time buyers, the mortgage options are a bit more limited. You will need to speak to a mortgage adviser to find out which buy-to-let mortgage you are suited to.

is buy to let still a good investment

Buy-To-Let Mortgages For Property Investors

Similar to regular mortgages, there is a deposit and a payment to be made in order to gradually pay off the property. The main differences in regular and buy-to-let mortgages is that buy-to-let mortgages are interest only. This means that there are no monthly payments, instead the capital is repaid in full at the end of the mortgage term.

The interest rates for buy-to-let mortgages are also usually higher and the deposit is also higher at around 25% of the property’s value.

Mortgages can be a great tool for leverage allowing investors to borrow capital to first purchase the property, then get an income from renting it out to pay off the mortgage as well as make a profit from the ongoing property investment.

The amount you are a-buyllowed to borrow will depend on the amount of rental income you are expecting to get. Lenders will only go through with the mortgage if they believe you are able to pay the money back.

Finding The Ideal Location For A Buy-To-Let

The location of your buy-to-let is extremely important because you need to put yourself in the tenant’s shoes. Don’t just invest in a property that looks attractive or has the cheapest buying price. You need to consider which area has the right demographic with a consistent demand to support your investment. For residential buy-to-lets, there needs to be a substantial amount of the population demanding homes to rent and ideally a supply that is not enough to cover the demand. This will make the buy-to-let more valuable, increasing rent prices for the tenant but giving the investor a higher net return annually.

How Will You Manage The Buy-To-Let Property?

Depending on your own needs, you may choose to:

  • Manage the property yourself if you have the experience, skills and want to be in control and save your money
  • Use a property management company for a hands-free investment if you are busy or far from the property location

Many developers will offer a built-in property management service from a trusted company of their choice. It gives the investor flexibility so they don’t have to deal with sourcing tenants, keeping up with rent, dealing with troublesome tenants, and making repairs and maintenance. It is important to remember that as a landlord, it is your legal responsibility to maintain the property, so you can either do it yourself or hire a management company.

Is Buy to Let Right For You? from Sterling Woodrow Ltd

Selling the Buy-To-Let

After getting a rental income for 3-5 years, you may decide it is the perfect time in the market to sell the property for a higher price than you bought it, giving you a massive profit. The exit strategy for buy-to-lets is fairly easy because they are well sought after. Many investors will rely on capital appreciation to make the most out of their investment and flipping the property is the end goal.

You don’t have to sell the property after a few years, if it is still giving you a stable rental income or if the market is not at the right point to make substantial capital gains from selling, you can always keep it and build a property portfolio. A portfolio manager from a property investment company can help you with the whole buy-to-let investment process.

How To Get The Best Buy-To-Let Investment Deal

For first time buyers you may not know where to look or who to call. The best option is to go through a property investment company to find your first buy-to-let investment deal. A property investment expert will be able to find you the best deals on buy-to-let investments with high net returns at a discounted price. A lot of the additional responsibilities will be covered such as property management and running fees in one bundle, giving you a great deal at a discounted price whilst not compromising the returns.

The rental yield will vary amongst locations with Manchester currently experiencing an average rental yield of 6% and West London going through a period of lower yields at 2.94%. Investors are adjusting to the current property market and venturing out into different areas in the UK such as Luton, Sheffield, Liverpool and Glasgow. Rental yields for areas can be as high as 8%, so finding a promising location can be the key to high returns.

VAT Services Done By A Chartered Accountant


How VAT services done by a chartered accountant are useful

A chartered accountant is a person who offers services and advice of finance and accounts for a business or an organization. Becoming a chartered accountant requires high knowledge and skills in finance, economics and accounts. Chartered accountants offer services in auditing the accounts, advice on financial records and strategies, holding and maintaining financial records and preparing financial reports for a running business or organization.

Chartered accountant has their role in Business, public practices, corporate finance and forensic accounting. They are highly skilled in all these sections undertaking advance level of training as compared to the traditional accountants. They strictly follow their work ethics and are subjected to disciplinary procedures. Besides this, they offer taxation services like VAT for the people in order to reduce their expenditure further regulating their savings.

vat servicesVAT (Value Added Tax) is the tax imposed by the government for the manufacturing and sale of the product or commodity. VAT is applied to all those businesses or organizations that are both manufacturing and selling the product. A Chartered accountant can prepare the financial and tax report need to be submitted to the government. For the business registered with VAT registration the chartered accountant can prepare the VAT report and audit report required to be submitted to the tax authority. The chartered accountant can assist in the tax relief if there are losses in the company or business. They also offer assistance for the limited registered companies who are eligible to pay the corporation tax.

For a person who is eligible to pay the income tax, a Chartered accountant can file his income tax return and assist the person in the overall procedure. The property which is sold or bought is imposed to pay the property tax towards the government. Chartered accountant plans for the property tax registration and its procedure for the buyer/seller. The chartered accountant provides help for the personnel with their VAT registration for their new business and allows them to know whether they are eligible for the registration or not. They can complete the total process required for VAT registration for the business. The annual audit reports prepared by chartered accountants for a business regulate the right amount of VAT to be paid.

Many businesses can achieve their perfect financial strategies and profits along with the secured tax returns by the assistance and advice of the chartered accountants. That is why VAT services done by a chartered accountant are very helpful for all!

Tips On Moving Premises

Top Tips

1. Draw up a preliminary budget. Costs may include acquiring and fitting out your new premises, upgrading equipment and vacating your existing premises (for example, repairs you may have to pay for under the terms of your lease). When drawing up the budget, bear in mind you may also incur expenses for redundancy, relocation, recruitment and time lost during the move.

2. Check there are no legal problems to stop you leaving your old premises or moving into the new ones. If your old lease overlaps with the new one, you may be eligible for relief on your business rates.

3. Work out a programme of things to do at least six months ahead of the moving date. Keeping your customers and employees informed and happy throughout the process will minimise the disruption to your business.

4. Consult all employees (and trade union representatives, if applicable) well in advance. Relocating without employees’ agreement could cause serious problems. Remember that relocation is not a sufficient reason for redundancy unless your new premises will be too far away for reasonable travel.

5. Dedicate at least one day in the month before the move to sort through old files and clutter. Hire a shredder or use a ‘secure disposal’ contractor to dispose of unwanted confidential papers.

6. Get quotes from reputable removal companies. When you have chosen a company confirm the number and type of crates needed for packing.


7. Notify customers and suppliers of your change of address well in advance. Order new stationery and amend all promotional material. Contact your telephone service provider to find out how you can move premises with minimum disruption — you may be able to keep your old number or pay for calls to be diverted.

8. Draw up a detailed floor plan for your new premises and decide where furniture, telephone and computer systems will go. Arrange for re-wiring at the new premises if necessary.

9. Make sure there is a business continuity plan in place so you can continue to operate after the move — it may take longer than you think to get everything running normally. Print a copy of your database to allow immediate access to important contact details.

10. Before the move, mark every item that you will be transporting with a colour-coded sticker to indicate where it will be positioned in your new premises and/or which member of staff it belongs to. To avoid confusion, make sure the colour coding is shown on your new floor plan.

Accountancy Services Can Be Of Great Help in Running Businesses

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Business Consulting – How It Can Help Your Business



Consultants are those people who have expertise in various fields that they can make available to businesses and others who are in need of advice. They are the people who give advice regarding the operating of a business and its management. A business needs many different aspects to be constantly looked into, whether it is technical, commercial or financial issues, and unless you are able to take care of all these aspects successfully, the business may not become profitable.

This is where accountancy services can come to the aid of businesses, whether they be small, medium sized or big and offer advice on all matters, because they will have on hand different experts who are experienced in different fields and will be able to take on your problems and find solutions for them. These firms have a sound and structured approach towards any business and this is what helps them to understand the particular situation of a business and come up with the required advice.

They will use objective tools to analyze the potential of the business and have a clear view of where the business is at present, its strengths and weaknesses that need to be helped along and further accentuated. They will have an outsider’s unbiased view, that owners or management may not be able to take, because of their proximity to the day to day problems they are up against.

You can also appoint business consulting accountancy servicesfirms when you need a specialized task to be accomplished, for which you may not have the staff, and which are one time affairs that do not justify the appointment of any one new. They make for a good backup team for existing managers, who can then rely on this additional help to sort out any problems. Consultants are of great help when you want to expand a business or need to increase operational efficiency. They will analyze your present working, the hurdles that they have and may even come up with out of the box thinking that can offer solutions that are practical and economical to put in place.

Good business consulting firms always work along with owners and management so that any decisions taken based on their advice are to the advantage of the business, help to increase operational efficiency and do not cause any financial burden on the organization. These firms must be able to help with all aspects of a business and must understand how any change they suggest affects a business commercially, technically and financially.