First Time Buyer Guide On Residential Buy-To-Let Property Investments

Buy-to-let is the term used for properties that are purchased specifically to let (rent) out. Landlords have seen the benefits of investing in a property with multiple tenants for a fixed period of time and since new laws have been passed, buy-to-lets have been a solid method of rental income.

Buy-to-let properties have long been a popular choice for many people looking for a home, but not committed to purchasing a house. The demand for residential properties to rent has grown since the 90’s and it is continuing to be a popular choice for investors in the UK and all across the world.

For investors, residential buy-to-let investments are a strong and stable property investment strategy. The main appeal of residential buy-to-let property investments is the stable income from tenant rent along with the growth of capital if house prices go up over the years. The rising house prices in the UK is a big advantage for investors purchasing properties in the country.

Can First Time Buyers Make Returns On Residential Buy-To-Lets?

Yes! First time buyers are able to make substantial returns on a buy-to-let investment. With the current property market you may be wondering is buy-to-let still a good investment? The answer is yes, as long as it has been thoroughly researched.

If you are new in property investment, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure making you hesitant with purchasing a property but everyone has to start somewhere. With the right guidance and information, you can work through the process to make sure the rewards outweigh the risks.

One of the potential hurdles when it comes to first time investors is that you may be limited with buy-to-let mortgage options. For buy-to-let properties, there is a specific mortgage you need to obtain that is slightly different to a regular house mortgage.

If you are a first time buy-to-let landlord, a lot of mortgage lenders need you to own your own residential property for at least six months before they can offer you a buy-to-let mortgage. Other lenders will only require you to own a property, but you don’t necessarily need to own a house.

For complete first time buyers, the mortgage options are a bit more limited. You will need to speak to a mortgage adviser to find out which buy-to-let mortgage you are suited to.

is buy to let still a good investment

Buy-To-Let Mortgages For Property Investors

Similar to regular mortgages, there is a deposit and a payment to be made in order to gradually pay off the property. The main differences in regular and buy-to-let mortgages is that buy-to-let mortgages are interest only. This means that there are no monthly payments, instead the capital is repaid in full at the end of the mortgage term.

The interest rates for buy-to-let mortgages are also usually higher and the deposit is also higher at around 25% of the property’s value.

Mortgages can be a great tool for leverage allowing investors to borrow capital to first purchase the property, then get an income from renting it out to pay off the mortgage as well as make a profit from the ongoing property investment.

The amount you are a-buyllowed to borrow will depend on the amount of rental income you are expecting to get. Lenders will only go through with the mortgage if they believe you are able to pay the money back.

Finding The Ideal Location For A Buy-To-Let

The location of your buy-to-let is extremely important because you need to put yourself in the tenant’s shoes. Don’t just invest in a property that looks attractive or has the cheapest buying price. You need to consider which area has the right demographic with a consistent demand to support your investment. For residential buy-to-lets, there needs to be a substantial amount of the population demanding homes to rent and ideally a supply that is not enough to cover the demand. This will make the buy-to-let more valuable, increasing rent prices for the tenant but giving the investor a higher net return annually.

How Will You Manage The Buy-To-Let Property?

Depending on your own needs, you may choose to:

  • Manage the property yourself if you have the experience, skills and want to be in control and save your money
  • Use a property management company for a hands-free investment if you are busy or far from the property location

Many developers will offer a built-in property management service from a trusted company of their choice. It gives the investor flexibility so they don’t have to deal with sourcing tenants, keeping up with rent, dealing with troublesome tenants, and making repairs and maintenance. It is important to remember that as a landlord, it is your legal responsibility to maintain the property, so you can either do it yourself or hire a management company.

Is Buy to Let Right For You? from Sterling Woodrow Ltd

Selling the Buy-To-Let

After getting a rental income for 3-5 years, you may decide it is the perfect time in the market to sell the property for a higher price than you bought it, giving you a massive profit. The exit strategy for buy-to-lets is fairly easy because they are well sought after. Many investors will rely on capital appreciation to make the most out of their investment and flipping the property is the end goal.

You don’t have to sell the property after a few years, if it is still giving you a stable rental income or if the market is not at the right point to make substantial capital gains from selling, you can always keep it and build a property portfolio. A portfolio manager from a property investment company can help you with the whole buy-to-let investment process.

How To Get The Best Buy-To-Let Investment Deal

For first time buyers you may not know where to look or who to call. The best option is to go through a property investment company to find your first buy-to-let investment deal. A property investment expert will be able to find you the best deals on buy-to-let investments with high net returns at a discounted price. A lot of the additional responsibilities will be covered such as property management and running fees in one bundle, giving you a great deal at a discounted price whilst not compromising the returns.

The rental yield will vary amongst locations with Manchester currently experiencing an average rental yield of 6% and West London going through a period of lower yields at 2.94%. Investors are adjusting to the current property market and venturing out into different areas in the UK such as Luton, Sheffield, Liverpool and Glasgow. Rental yields for areas can be as high as 8%, so finding a promising location can be the key to high returns.

Central Heating Engineers in Manchester and Salford

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Over the period, central heating systems develop mud and corrosion deposits. This reduces the efficacy of the system, sludge coatings the piping and affects circulating efficiency. These things need to be cleaned occasionally to allow the system work correctly. Power Washing is a good approach to clean the entire system. It uses the ability of water at high speed to cleanse. In this process however, water is at high velocity, but pressure is low so as to not cause any physical injury to the system. This process can be made more efficient, if you add the strong and mobilizing chemicals.

The main purpose of cleaning the system is to restore the appropriate circulation. Another thing is the strange noise that is frequently caused by the sludge and rust deposits. This cleaning process does away with this noise. It eliminates the rust deposits and sludge from the system. Power flushing can also be utilized to clean the new techniques of any debris, excess flux, swarf, grease oil that is there in the new machine to protect against the elements from any rusting. It is important to clean the present system before fitting a brand-new boiler to avoid any future issues. If the system do not clean before use debris, sludge or deposits may change to boiler, heat exchanger that could cause more issues like reduced efficacy, noisy operations and failure to out the boiler.

central heating manchester

The working of power flushing is quite simple yet effective. There’s an ability flushing pump that is connected into the heating machine. It may be connected at almost any position like standard circulation pump coupling, or across out the tails of one radiator or any other place. There’s an instantaneous flow reverser device that works with strong flush. Traditional cleansing systems aren’t able to move these deposits. To remove out the loosened sludge and deposits, wash water is driven into the heating machine which flushes out the dirty water utilizing a full bore dump valve. In the end, machine contains the fresh and clean water. There are few other stuff which can be attached and removed by use of power flush.

If you need more information on the best suited central heating system for your home, get in touch with a central heating engineers in Manchester to get a quotation.

Finding Good Drain Unblocking Services in Essex

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There’s no escape to handling a blocked drain or pipe indeed. So, no matter how busy schedule you can have, ensure you spare a few time to fix your drain at first because they go on encouraging more problems for you. Whether, it is your kitchen sink, tub, bathroom or outdoor drain, the article has Some suggested ideas to get your drain unclogged and find the water flowing perfectly again. Before you start searching for unloaded drain repairs specialists, try the following do-it-yourself drain unblocking thoughts first. This is among the most often used Do it yourself tactics for drain unblocking by homeowners. You may just boil water and put it into your obstructed drain until the congestion or any deposit interrupting the flow within the drain loses its business contact with the drainage walls and become flushed out.

This tactic can also be utilised to treat slow flowing drains. Warm water can easily remove fat, grease in addition to other objects sticked into the drainage wall from inside. After the drain appears to be in a transparent state, flush a few more water for five-ten moments to guarantee the drainage pipe is rid of a clog correctly. It is worth bring to your caution that boiling water treatment is the right match for metal drainage pipes rather than Polyvinyl chloride pipes, the latter has been vulnerable to structural damage if water has been pumped over 175 degrees. Firstly, no drain cleaner comes along with a 100% guarantee.

drain unblocking

However if you’re able into prepare your cleaner at home in just 5-ten moments using some easy-to find kitchen ingredients, there’s no harm trying it once to solve your troubling drains on own before you leave the job into a professional. You may also use this Do it yourself made drain cleaner when the cleaner bottle you bought from a local store or supermarket has gone empty. All you may need is 3-5 spoon of baking soft drink and then vinegar into prepare your drain cleaning mixture. Take a glass cup and then mix both components to equal quantity. Keep your face in the space as the mix will raise bubbles.

Pour the mix into the drain and close the drain lid for some time. After around ten minutes, you can transparent the drain using hot water. Certainly there’s no fun holding a household plunger or serpent on own, but whenever you got a blocked drain there’s no escape. Most homeowners have cup plungers in the home for any emergency drain blockage. Cup plungers are utilised for kitchen sinks and bathroom drains.

Common Basement Problems in London

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The press is filled with stories of woe about issues with basement digs that are botched. It is no wonder that constructing a basement is proving unpopular. All this came to a head in January 2015 when the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea applied a new planning policy CL7. It’s no wonder that constructing a cellar is proving unpopular.

The policy limited the depth of excavation and limited the extent of cellar excavation to no more than half or on portion of the Website. If you live in the Royal Borough Kensington & Chelsea, it seems that if you wish to dig a basement under permitted development rights you’ll have to have a material start to work on the project by 29 April. It appears that If You Want to dig a basement You’ll have to have a substance begin to work by 29, if you live in the Royal Borough Kensington & Chelsea. The jury is out on whether that the conditions will enhance for residents.

Alternatives and basement Issues can become a headache there.

Here are a few common problems and signs of problems. Failing gutters, broken or losing pipes, condensation, and also seepage are the most typical causes of basement moisture. To prevent harm to walls and floors, identify the origin of the humidity and make appropriate repairs. It frequently results from an improperly vented garments dryer. Failing gutters, leaking or broken pipes, condensation, and seepage are the typical causes of basement humidity. Check and fix the dryer vent connection, or set up a dehumidifier. Seepage is water which flows into the basement through holes and cracks from the ground around your base.

Developing a seal. For sealing surfaces the method depends on the frequency of the moisture and the size of the openings. In areas where seepage is an occasional problem, sealing openings and also coat the walls with paint and masonry sealer is adequate. Seal the openings resurface the walls if seepage is frequent. Install drain system and a gutter to manage the problem if seepage carries on. Ninety five percent of basement issues that are common that are wet happen because water pools near the base. Wet basements can be hurried to roof gutters and down spouts which rusty through are plugged, or not distracted away from the house.

Basements London

To prevent problems, repair downspouts and gutters and place them to channel away from the base. If required, regrade the soil in order that it slopes away front the base. Peeling paint on basement walls is due to humidity seeping through out of outside which becomes trapped between these wall and these paint to identify, these origin of humidity on cellar walls, tape a piece of lamina on the wall. If humidity collects on the external surface with tin foil, the origin likely is condensation. If humidity isn’t visible on these foil, seepage is these more than likely cause. Stains can ruin these appearance of a concrete cellar floor.

Remove stains with commercial grade concrete cleaner or one of many chemicals marketed for this purpose. To defend against stains, seal masonry surfaces with a waterproof masonry sealing tubes are a common problem in some heated areas and crawl spaces. Prevent pipes out of freezing by insulating pipes at these areas. To thaw a frozen pipe, turn of these water supply in the stress stopping valve, risen hear these pipe with a host gun sir hair dryer. Read more about basement conversion here.

Use a Registered Electrician in Your Home


What do Electricians do?
Electricians are tradesmen who are responsible for designing, installing, maintaining and repairing electrical wiring systems. These systems are located in most buildings from homes to public facilities in both commercial and industrial buildings as well as machines and large pieces of equipment. Electricians can work either outside or inside to make sure the lights, television, appliances, equipment and sockets in your home are working properly and safely. Because all of these items are essential in everyday life, the job of an electrician can be demanding.


Electrical Services in Homes
electricianElectrical work in the home needs to be done by someone who has the knowledge and qualifications to do so. By law the homeowner or landlord has to provide evidence that states all the electrical installation work meets the standards of the Building Regulations.



Benefits of a Registered Electrician
It is recommended that you use a registered electrician to repair or check your home. Using a registered electrician in and around your home makes certain that the work being done is safe and follows the guidelines set by the government. Any electrical installations, repairs, replacements or maintenance should be done by a registered electrical engineer to ensure the safety of your home and the people in it.

Tips On Moving Premises

Top Tips

1. Draw up a preliminary budget. Costs may include acquiring and fitting out your new premises, upgrading equipment and vacating your existing premises (for example, repairs you may have to pay for under the terms of your lease). When drawing up the budget, bear in mind you may also incur expenses for redundancy, relocation, recruitment and time lost during the move.

2. Check there are no legal problems to stop you leaving your old premises or moving into the new ones. If your old lease overlaps with the new one, you may be eligible for relief on your business rates.

3. Work out a programme of things to do at least six months ahead of the moving date. Keeping your customers and employees informed and happy throughout the process will minimise the disruption to your business.

4. Consult all employees (and trade union representatives, if applicable) well in advance. Relocating without employees’ agreement could cause serious problems. Remember that relocation is not a sufficient reason for redundancy unless your new premises will be too far away for reasonable travel.

5. Dedicate at least one day in the month before the move to sort through old files and clutter. Hire a shredder or use a ‘secure disposal’ contractor to dispose of unwanted confidential papers.

6. Get quotes from reputable removal companies. When you have chosen a company confirm the number and type of crates needed for packing.


7. Notify customers and suppliers of your change of address well in advance. Order new stationery and amend all promotional material. Contact your telephone service provider to find out how you can move premises with minimum disruption — you may be able to keep your old number or pay for calls to be diverted.

8. Draw up a detailed floor plan for your new premises and decide where furniture, telephone and computer systems will go. Arrange for re-wiring at the new premises if necessary.

9. Make sure there is a business continuity plan in place so you can continue to operate after the move — it may take longer than you think to get everything running normally. Print a copy of your database to allow immediate access to important contact details.

10. Before the move, mark every item that you will be transporting with a colour-coded sticker to indicate where it will be positioned in your new premises and/or which member of staff it belongs to. To avoid confusion, make sure the colour coding is shown on your new floor plan.